Mansi Phute

Agribot: Design and Development of Artificial Intelligence based Autonomous Robotic System for Precision Agriculture

Part of a 4 person team where we develped an Autonomous Rebot for precision agriculture that can help improve agricultural practices. Agriculture is an important part of the Indian economy, thus improving the farming process can have a large impact on the livelihood of millions of people.

In this project we handled the development of autonomous navigation algorithm, vision based Deep Learning model for soil health monitoring, weed identification, and crop diseases identification, detection and optimised pesticide use for controlling crop disease.

Major Parts of the Design:
  1. Mechanical Chassis with wheels

  2. Weeds removal Mechanical assembly

  3. Crop disease detection and optimized pesticide spray mechanism

  4. Vision Module – equipped with Vision, Lidar, Compass, Ultrasonic and Depth Sensors

  5. Navigation and Communication Module – GSM, WiFi Transceiver modules

Functional Controls Provided:
  1. Soil health monitoring and nutrient restoration techniques

  2. Effective in-row Weed Identification and removal